NOVEMBER 16-17, 2020


On Dec. 26, 2004 — the day after Christmas — a tremendous underwater earthquake off the coast of Indonesia sent tsunamis, or tidal waves, radiating out into the Indian Ocean, sending more than 250,000 people to their death. Waves of 40 feet and more wiped out whole villages. Families were obliterated. And so many children perished.

Two days later, Royal Media Group dedicated itself to doing what it could to secure international relief aid not just for this tragedy, but for disasters to come. With this call, we formed the Royal Media Foundation, and its goal is to be a force for global good.

In 2014, the Royal Media Foundation began dedicating its donation efforts towards AIRLINK, and its giving is tied tightly to activities at Royal Media Group. In so many ways, Royal Media Group is honored that multitudes of wonderful industry professionals dedicate themselves to speaking at the conferences we produce. Therefore, the Royal Media Foundation makes donations to AIRLINK in the name of each member of our event Speaker Faculties.

Airlink is a nonprofit connecting humanitarian organizations and the aviation sector to deliver disaster responders and supplies in the wake of humanitarian crises worldwide.

Today, Airlink’s network consists of more than 40 airlines and 80+ pre-qualified nonprofit partners. Since its inception in 2010, Airlink has worked with commercial airlines to respond to a number of rapid-onset disasters, including the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, tornados and flooding in the US, the Ebola crisis in West Africa, and the Syrian and Rohingya refugee crises.


Airlink and its partners work together 24/7 to deliver emergency supplies and volunteers where they’re most urgently needed. Since 2010, Airlink and its airline partners have transported nearly 5,000 passengers and nearly 3,000,000 pounds of cargo valued at $7,800,000.

Yes, it is wonderful that members of our Speaker Faculties care enough about their industries to share their knowledge, ideas and wisdom with their colleagues. But Speaker Faculty members can take great pride in the charitable element of their efforts, as well. To date, Royal Media Group has made more than 500 charitable donations in the name of members of our Speaker Faculties. And it is only the beginning.

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