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Atlanta Airport, Kale Logistics, PayCargo establish cargo community at ATL

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) will collaborate with logistics payment platform PayCargo and IT solutions provider Kale Logistics to establish an air cargo community system at the airport.

The cargo community approach has been embraced by operators at airports in Asia and Europe, but the movement has so far been slow to move to the United States. ATL has previously indicated its interest in establishing a comparable community in the U.S., and last June signed a cargo trade and investment memorandum of understanding with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) as part of its plan to achieve that goal. At the time, ATL also said it would work with Kale Logistics to build up its cargo community.

Kale Logistics is partnered with Cargonaut, the Netherlands-based cargo community service provider that operates the AMS information platform. Kale is also working with Microsoft to incorporate artificial intelligence into the cargo community to handle complex airfreight-related scenarios.

The addition of PayCargo to the cargo community team will integrate the payment system into Kale’s IT platform at ATL, giving stakeholders payment-status visibility and helping stakeholders to manage or prevent delays for truck shipments at ATL. The primary benefit of the cargo community system is increased visibility and communication between shippers, airlines, trucking companies, customs brokers, freight forwarders and cargo handlers operating at an airport.

So far, more than 20 ATL stakeholders have joined ATL’s cargo community, according to a PayCargo statement.

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